Thanks for dropping by, we’re happy to have you here.

We are Yutani and Hoshino, and we’re sewing & weaving enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs, discovering our love of art, one blanket at the time.

We’ve met in 2012, and found that our common interest is more than a hobby. It was a passion which turned out into a part-time gig, and now a full-time endeavor, all with a common goal – to make the world a cozier, warmer, more beautiful place.  

The love of fine things & artistry is what drives us to create high-quality blankets every day.

An image can speak a thousand words. Bring thousands of emotions and experiences back. Make you feel happy, nostalgic, or excited.

That’s where our blankets come in.

We want you to feel cozy & happy while tucked in with your favorite blanket, feel loved & taken care of.

We want you to show off with an epic design that demonstrates your taste & energy.

Our blankets are handcrafted with the utmost care to ensure the best possible product & design while trying our best to keep you satisfied with the delivery.

We know that a beautiful design that speaks about YOU the most, will mean to you the most.

That’s why we’re focused on crafting blankets that you will adore, from the moment you see them online to the delivery moment when you’re going to be ecstatic. Because our blankets look three times better in person.

Just check out what people have said about theirs:

Judy, Houston, TX“I’ve found these super-cute blankets online and realized my sister will go nuts if I could gift this to her for her birthday. Guess who has made the biggest hype on that party…. :-D”

Mark, New York, NY

“My gf always talked about these, and I wanted to surprise her for Valentine’s day. I ordered one with unicorns, her favorite. The blanket arrived after a while, and the surprise was perfect. She started crying with happiness! Later on, I ordered a Giants one for myself.”

Jannet, Toronto, CA

“I’ve discovered Adver Mall recently through a cute banner. When I found the softball designs they offer, I couldn’t resist. The blanket was AMAZING!”